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31 years together


SAFELINE SL was founded in January 1992 as a company researching electrical protection technologies, a high percentage of its investments being earmarked for R+D. It took its place as world leader with its hitherto unknown and unparalleled features and degrees of protection.

All SURELINE products avail themselves of SAFELINE's own exclusive technologies to offer protection, metering, analysis and control with automatic reclosure and their own WebServer. These products require no modification to existing installations.

The robotized manufacturing process guarantees uniform top quality products and a subsequent reduction in lead-times and costs.

The comprehensive guarantees and extensive civil responsibility product insurance coverage along with the company's flawless trajectory have made important institutions, both public and private, domestic and foreign, in the most diverse sectors faithful and fully satisfied consumers.

Our mission

Safeline helps companies and private individuals to make the most of energy

Safeline’s products make energy:


thanks to its protection systems


thanks to the continuity of the electric service and domotics


due to its capacity for managing devices and analysing the mains


thanks to its programmable alarms system and automatic reclosure.

Safeline is a manufacturer and has its own technology

Thanks to Safeline’s installations housing first-class laboratories and to its engineers, it can develop a product which is entirely its own. Consequently, it closely monitors the process step by step in order to deliver the most reliable hardware and the most optimised software.

Safeline creates bespoke products to fit its customers’ rquirements.

Safeline has a department dedicated to creating customised products with those features required by the client for specific projects.

3-year guarantee and Technical Service (repair / updating)

For the peace of mind of its customers, Safeline offers a 3-year guarantee on all its products. However, should a unit suffer a malfunction after the guarantee has expired, Safeline’s technical service will offer to repair or update the software at an affordable price.