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Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file which is created when a user’s browser loads a particular website. Amongst other things, cookies permit a website to store and retrieve information regarding the user’s or his computer’s surfing habits. Depending on the information they contain and the manner in which the user uses his computer, they can be used to identify him The browser memorises cookies on the hard drive solely during the current session, taking up a minimal memory space with no detriment to the computer. Cookies do not contain any specific personal information and the majority are deleted from the hard drive once the site is left. These are the so-called session cookies.

The law permits cookies to be stored in a computer if they are strictly necessary to the functioning of the page being loaded. For all other kinds of cookies, it is necessary to gain consent.

The consent can be changed at any time by means of the selector situated at the top of this page.

How to disable cookies

Should the user not wish to receive or maintain cookies on his computer, user preferences can be configured at the browser’s cookie settings. When cookies are disabled, some of the website’s functionalities may be prevented from responding correctly.

Information on how to disable cookies depending on which browser is being used, can be found in the following links:

These sources are only for information purposes, with no guarantee on Safeline’s part that they are updated. They are not the only source of information. For updated information, one should refer to the browser’s official website.

Types of cookies used by Safeline

Types of cookies depending on their purpose

  • Technical cookies: These cookies permit the user to surf a website, platform or application and also to use different options or services therein. e.g. o control data traffic and communication; identify the session; access restricted areas; remember items from an order; place an order; request enrolment or participation in an event; deploy security elements while surfing; store content for video and audio broadcasting or sharing of content on social networks

  • Customised cookies: These cookies permit the user to access a service, with several pre-determined characteristics based on a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as language, type of browser, regional setting, etc.

  • Analysis cookies: Whether processed by the user or by a third party, these cookies permit the number of users to be quantified, thus enabling a statistical measurement and analysis of user deployment of the service offered. To this end, user surfing is analysed on the Safeline website with an aim to improving its product or service offers.

Types of cookies depending on the duration of their activity:

  • Session cookies: These cookies expire when the user closes the browser. i.e. they are files which are assigned to the browser device during the visit to the website and disappear automatically when the browser is closed.

  • Persistent cookies: These cookies only expire once their purpose is accomplished and, therefore, persist and do not expire automatically when the browser is closed.

Types of cookies depending on the entity they are managed by:

  • Own cookies: These cookies are sent to the device and managed exclusively by Safeline.

  • Third-party cookies: The website can use third-party services which collect information on our behalf for statistical purposes, on how the user uses the site and provision of other services related to the web portal.

Types of cookies used





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Safeline S.L


Remember user language and consent for use of cookies on this site


Google LLC


Store information for functioning of Google Maps.


Google LLC


Required for functioning of Google captcha to avoid robots on site

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Google LLC


Collect information of user surfing through site to trace source of visits and other similar data at a statistical level. Does not obtain data regarding user names, surnames nor specific postal location where connected.