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Multi-schedule programmer: daily / monthly / yearly / astronomical with 1 output relays + 1 analogical output (Dimmer)


Programmable multi-switch scheduler with 1 output relay + 1 analogical output (Dimmer)
Tele-controllable with WebServer via Internet / Intranet

For each schedule program: Dimmer (Start – Stop – Speed):
  • Start: Initial value of Dimmer (%).
  • Stop: Final value of Dimmer (%).
  • Speed: Speed of increase – decrease ( as per %).

Easy, clear and simple programming with import and export of programming files function

Four independent schedule programmers:
  • Daily / weekly / astronomical
  • Daily / weekly (512 programs)
  • Daily / monthly / yearly (2048 programs)
  • Daily / monthly / yearly (vacations, holidays…, 512 programs)

Counter for number of ON hours per relay, information and manual control of relays (ON / OFF)
Specifically designed for schedule control + Dimmer for LED lighting
Programming, control and monitoring in real time via Internet / Intranet